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Luigi- Taipei: "Taiwan is an incredible clean country"

Your name, age and nationality : Luigi, Italian How long have you been in Taiwan ? What do you do in Taiwan ? and what brings you here?

2 years, married with Taiwanese lady and I work in the import export field.

Do you like Taiwan ? What do you like the most? Yes I like Taiwan, especially the mountains. What are the main differences between your home country and here? Temperature, mountain flora and fauna

What changes would most improve your life in Taiwan?

More "home town" food and a better regulation about pollution.

Do you plan to go back to your home country someday? And why?

Yes, coz I need Italian environment to have more relax and eat more! Tell us something that your friends in your home country don't know about Taiwan? Is an incredible clean country. What do you miss the most from your home country ? Atmosphere... Tell us more about you... favorite reading, movie, food, music... Reading mainly online news , movie LA VITA E' BELLA, rock music Free space to add what we didn't ask but you would like to let us know! I think Taiwan needs a different attitude to attract European tourists.

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