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Azzurra- Taipei: "I fell in love with Taiwan a year ago so I decided to move"

Your name, age and nationality : Azzurra 25 italian

How long have you been in Taiwan ? What do you do in Taiwan ? and what brings you here? I have been in Taiwan since almost a year. I am part time worker with a huge passion for Asia and all its culture. Since my major is chinese I've moved here to improve my chinese language skills.

Do you like Taiwan ? What do you like the most? I fell in love with Taiwan a year ago so i decided to move. It feels like living in a small paradise surrounded by a great environment and good vibe. The mix of culture, history and art in this island is mind blowing. It's definitely a country in which everybody can feel like home and that's how i feel about it. What are the main differences between your home country and here? Well...i could write down a list of pros and cons of both contries but as you might imagine the differences are huge between Italy and Taiwan. The wether is different, quite umid and hot in summer and very windy in winter. The food is good but personally i prefer the italian one! The biggest difference for me is people's attitude: they are always polite and ready to help you out in the best way they can!

What changes would most improve your life in Taiwan?

The weather, definitely.

Do you plan to go back to your home country someday? And why?

Honestly i am not planning to go back to my country if not for visiting my friends and family. It's hard to say where i am going to be living in the future but i don't see myself going back to italy for now. Tell us something that your friends in your home country don't know about Taiwan? People back home have the idea of Taiwan as a part of China but they're totally wrong. I have been living in mainland China and i can guarantee the life and the environment here are not the same.

What do you miss the most from your home country ? Food and my friends and family. Having a glass of spritz in Venice is on the list too! :) Tell us more about you... favorite reading, movie, food, music... I love traveling, cooking, dancing and i am professional shower singer! Free space to add what we didn't ask but you would like to let us know! Live your life as you want. Don't let people influence your decisions because everyone is the master of his own destiny. So live your life the way you want to and enjoy every single moment of it.

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