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Vincent-Taichung: "I would like to see this island get its independence recognized..."

Your name, age and nationality : Vincent, 40, French How long have you been in Taiwan ? What do you do in Taiwan ? and what brings you here? Two years in Taiwan, coaching tennis. This job opportunity brought me here.

Do you like Taiwan ? What do you like the most? I like Taiwan a lot. The people are its best asset. What are the main differences between your home country and here? The behavior of the people: more humble approach of life here, excessive self esteem at home. Education system too rigid here compared to home: slows down the development and the richness of the personalities due to too heavy loads of work not allowing enough self development of your own qualities. Heavily affects the sports activities for example. Of course, many others but will stop with these two..

What changes would most improve your life in Taiwan?

I would like to see this island get its independence recognized and not see it anymore using politically correct names like Chinese Taipei in international sports competitions or be considered as a "region" when it comes to Universal Expo. Of course, it wouldn't change my life really but at least I could raise the Taiwanese flag hung in my apartment when Taiwan will hopefully get medals at the Olympic Games...

Do you plan to go back to your home country someday? And why?

No. I find life quality way better in this part of the world for many aspects: cost of life pressure, jobs opportunities, the "can do" attitude, the feeling of safety and freedom.

Tell us something that your friends in your home country don't know about Taiwan? They probably wouldn't know that Taiwan can be considered as the real original China as its name stipulates: Republic Of China. The power that fled here after the Civil War in 1949 was the one that had toppled the emperor and created the first republic in 1912... What do you miss the most from your home country ? Be able to watch the French rugby team's games live or without the time difference, that has affected a bit my social life some weekends in my past years in Asia! Tell us more about you... favorite reading, movie, food, music... When it comes to books and movies, I actually like a lot stories linked to history or related to existing characters but I never refuse a good comedy as well. I have read quite a bit about Eastern European countries and all the turmoil they went through in the past century particularly. Food: easy guy but big appetite. Music: Brit pop is for me unbeatable but the other Anglo-Saxon countries are also delivering! Free space to add what we didn't ask but you would like to let us know! I only drink coffee for breakfast so no need to ask me how I like eggs...

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